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Daisy the Doodle

Daisy the Doodle

This past fall we lost our beloved Murphy and our entire household was just heartbroken.  It was the first experience of loss for our children and a rough time for all of us.  But yesterday… a new little love walked into our lives and while no dog could replace the love we felt for our funny little Murphster our hearts were definitely warmed up a great deal.   So having said that…. Introducing Daisy the Doodle.  She is a lovely calm puppy and we are ever so grateful to Carina and her family from For God’s Glory Farm  They did a wonderful job with this sweet puppy and are just great people in general.   They are very into feeding their dogs the healthiest of diets, giving them lots of healthy outdoor time and socializing them.  We are so grateful for how well little Daisy was taken care of.  I can’t recommend them highly enough.

We are so happy with this sweet girl.  She’s the perfect match for our family.  Let the training and love begin.

Foo Foo For Feathers

I was very surprised to see today that Williams-Sonoma has come out with a line of designer chicken coops.  They are made in America, pricey and very cute.  Now to get all those pesky ordinances banished that don’t allow chickens on typical family sized lots.

“Handcrafted in the USA from certified-sustainable wood, the Alexandria coop provides room for up to six hens and will keep your flock safe and dry year-round.”

via Alexandria Chicken Coop & Run | Williams-Sonoma.


The Gypsy Daydream Hen House

By leaps and bounds the cutest hen house EVER!  Check out FLYTES of Fancy to see all of their cute houses.


“The Gypsy Daydream is as individual as your own imagination. Whilst the Daydream shown here explores the delights of dancing daffodils and delicate ivy on a base of Cornish Butter, the decorative design of your Gypsy will be entirely inspired by you.

Three coats of the Heritage colour of your choice will be applied by brush and by hand before our resident artist Andrew begins to explore and express your own ideas to create a design that is completely unique.

When you start to think about your bespoke design, please also be aware that our Artist can decoratively inscribe a name, personal message or scrolled commemoration (to celebrate an anniversary for example) onto your Gypsy.

Individually hand-made by Craftsmen in our rural Dorset workshop, your Gypsy is created from air-dried Joinery grade timber from sustainable sources, lavishly double-protected against the elements before any paintwork is applied.

Built as a romantic hideaway for up to fifteen lucky ladies, The Gypsy Daydream boasts an impressive list of quality features including: Solid Marine Chandlery Brass fittings; Heavy gauge Steel galvanized and trim-finished roof; Hand-made solid Steel, steerable wheels and axles; Double plated screws and Stainless Steel nails throughout; Detachable external nestbox; Removable perches; Easy-clean slide-out double-sealed Marine grade ply dirt tray; Upper double Stable door and lower single door with pop hole; Twin trademark Heart-shaped sliding windows; Fold-up lockable steps and a custom-made Steel handlebar attachment for steering and relocating your Gypsy.

For a complete list of features in greater detail, please see the ‘Design’ and ‘Features’ sections.

The Gypsy Daydream is offered at £3900.00, depending on any additional bespoke requirements and your delivery preferences.

For further information, a brochure or simply to discuss your ideas, please telephone Anne or Phillip on 01300 345 229. Please note that due to the bespoke nature of The Gypsy Daydream, your Gypsy can only be ordered by telephone or in person. You are also welcome to send your enquiry to”

via The Gypsy Daydream Hen House.

Eglu Cube: A Coop for Mod Chickens

I’m not really into plastic anything but these modern coops look really modern and what I like about them is they are portable and easy to keep clean.  Check out Omlet for more information.

“A Revolutionary Chicken House

Give your chickens the best! The Eglu Cube is designed around you and your chickens. With its many innovative new features, the Eglu Cube that leaves you with much more time to enjoy your hens.

The Eglu Cube makes light work of the weekly clean. Inside chickens have a large roosting area fitted with a slatted floor. All the droppings fall through the slats onto the slide out dropping trays, which can then be simply emptied onto the compost heap.”

via Eglu Cube | The Eglu Cube | Products and Services | Omlet UK.


Raising Goats

We’ve been wondering about the benefits of raising goats for a long time now.  Here’s a perfect article by Cheryl K. Smith that describes multiple reasons why every homestead should raise goats.

“The Benefits of Raising Goats

By Cheryl K. Smith

You get a lot from keeping goats. Raising goats can help you achieve a sustainable lifestyle. You can milk them or eat their meat, use their fiber and their skin for making clothing, and even use their dung for fuel (if you are so inclined).

You may want to raise goats for a variety of reasons:

Becoming more self-sufficient: Goats can give you milk to drink and food to eat, and even help you carry your belongings when backpacking.

Cutting your dairy bill: If you raise dairy goats, you might not have to buy cheese or milk ever again. Your goats need to have kids to give you milk, and then you can milk them throughout the year for up to three years without re-breeding.

Raising your own meat: Goat meat has always been popular in the developing world because goats are much more affordable and use fewer resources than animals such as cows. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the demand for goat meat is expected to continue growing.

Growing your own fiber: Some of the finest fiber comes from goats: Angora and Pygora goats produce mohair, cashmere goats produce cashmere, and crosses between the two breeds produce a fiber called cashgora.

If you raise fiber goats, you can spin your own yarn and make hats, blankets, sweaters or other products. You can also sell the fiber to spinners or to companies that make these products.

Harnessing goats’ power as living weed whackers: Goats are well-known for their ability to wipe out weeds. In fact, some people have made businesses out of renting out their goat herds to cities and other municipalities to clean up areas that are overgrown with weeds or blackberry bushes. These leased goats decrease the need to use herbicides, improve the soil’s fertility, decrease the risk of fire, increase the diversity of plants in the area, and control weeds in hard-to-reach areas, such as steep hills.

Breeding and selling: Unless your goats are just pets or brush eaters, you probably want to breed them. If you have dairy goats, you need to breed them to keep a good supply of milk flowing. And you need to replace any goats you sell or slaughter.

Keeping goats as pets: You can leash train goats and take them on walks throughout the neighborhood or around your property, which provides exercise for all of you.

Using your goat for packing: Goats are social animals and, after you establish a relationship with them, they love to spend time with you. They enjoy going for hikes and can carry your belongings; they find plenty to eat right there in the wilderness.

Raising goats as a 4-H project: Getting children involved in raising goats is a good way to teach responsibility. Keeping goats requires twice-a-day chores. Children quickly learn that the goats depend on them. They also find out about the cycle of birth and death and get outdoors to get regular exercise.”

via The Benefits of Raising Goats – For Dummies.

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Homemade Whole Grain Chicken Feed

What a great idea to make your own chicken feed!  Especially if you have a child with food allergies.

“Garden Betty’s Homemade Whole Grain Chicken Feed

Makes 8 1/2 pounds (fills 10-pound feeder)

4 cups oat groats

4 cups black oil sunflower seeds

4 cups hard red wheat berries

2 cups soft white wheat berries

2 cups kamut

2 cups millet

2 cups whole corn

1 cup lentils

1 cup sesame seeds

1 cup flax seeds

1/2 cup brewer’s yeast

1/4 cup kelp granules

free-choice oyster shells

free-choice grit”

via Garden Betty’s Homemade Whole Grain Chicken Feed | Garden Betty.