2014 Sky Scarf

Sky Scarf Gift Kit

Sky Scarf Gift Kit

One of our Christmas gifts to our older daughter this year was a Sky Scarf Kit.  Have you ever seen a sky scarf?  They are just beautiful when finished.  For every day of the year you knit a row or two of the color(s) of the sky for that day.  One could also crochet it but our seven year old knows how to knit so we are making the knitted version.  Tomorrow we will start our beautiful little project and by the end of the year we’ll have a finished project to show you.  Happy New Year.  Are you planning any knew projects for 2014?

Alastair Heseltine Turns a Tedious Job into a Sculpture

Alastair Heseltine's Beautiful Functional Sculpture

Alastair Heseltine’s Beautiful Functional Sculpture

A thing of beauty.  It seems as thought everything that Alastair Heseltine touches turns into a work of art.  I wonder how long it took him to stack his wood in such a beautiful way?

Sculpture Installations Alastair Heseltine.