Alastair Heseltine Turns a Tedious Job into a Sculpture

Alastair Heseltine's Beautiful Functional Sculpture

Alastair Heseltine’s Beautiful Functional Sculpture

A thing of beauty.  It seems as thought everything that Alastair Heseltine touches turns into a work of art.  I wonder how long it took him to stack his wood in such a beautiful way?

Sculpture Installations Alastair Heseltine.

Coleraine Farm Educational Homestead – School for the Arts

Here is your chance to support a group of people that are doing something incredibly wonderful.  They are building upon an old existing organic farm and creating an educational and artistic experience for the community.  They are in need of very little support actually to make it happen.  Watch the video and share it with your friends.  Even as little as $1.00 can add up.  Let’s send our well wishes for much success to the Coleraine Farm.

Do You Know What PANNA Stands For?

Have you heard of the Pesticide Action Network of North America or PANNA?  They have a lot of information on the latest legislation surrounding pesticide usage.  One of the issues they are talking about now is getting the USDA to reject Dow’s 2,4-D corn and soybeans. Check out their PANNA for more information.

“Dow has introduced another product in its suite of 2,4-D-resistant GE seeds. First corn, now soy. Both products in the pipeline are very bad ideas, and — should USDA approve them — will dramatically drive up the use of this antiquated, dangerous herbicide.

Scientists warn that 2,4-D corn alone could increase the herbicide’s use by 30-fold, and soybeans will cause an even more severe spike. More widespread use will destroy vulnerable crops, while placing the burden of increased costs and health risks on farmers and rural communities.

With superweeds and superbugs emerging all over the country, Monsanto’s RoundUp Ready strategy of stacking seeds with herbicide-resistant traits is fast coming apart. Instead of abandoning a losing strategy, Dow is trying hard to get us all running faster on the same broken pesticide treadmill.

Tell USDA to reject this new herbicide-resistant crop.

Dow aims to get 2,4-D-resistant corn and soy to market as soon as possible, with cotton likely on its way in 2015. Now is the time to say no to this pipeline of bad ideas.

Please sign below and urge USDA to say no to Dow’s 2,4-D soy.”

via Tell USDA to reject Dow’s 2,4-D soybeans!.