Grain Mill Family

Daydreaming about this beautiful grain mill.  Check it out on The Puppenstube. 

“Beautiful European wooden manual and electric stone flour mills and grain flakers.

Mill output on fine: 170g/min.

Funnel capacity: 1.5 kg

360W motor, 35cm tall

Grinds all grains, beans, and more

Stone pine housing& naxos-basalt millstone

Made in Austria

Price: $875.00”

photo credit: The Puppenstube

via Grain Mill Family | The Puppenstube.

KoMo Magic Grain Mill









My latest drool over dream appliance.

“Constructed with stainless steel encased in a frame of beechwood, the KoMo Magic Grain Mill is exactly what its name says it is –magic. The main housing is cylindrical with a bowl-shaped hopper sitting at its top. The top and bottom ends of the cylinder are each ringed with bands made of beechwood. These bands are joined by a slat, also made of the same material, that spans the height of the stainless steel housing. Close to the top, a hole is drilled on the wood slat for a spout where ground grain fall out. The lid of the hopper is also made of beechwood. This combination of wood and stainless steel lends an aura of elegance and flair to the mill. Its successful mix of old and new materials makes it look like magic.”

via Mill – Electric – Spice Grinders.