How to Build a Compost Fence

Would this work?

“DIRECTIONS FOR BUILDING A COMPOST FENCE Courtesy of Boy Scouts from Troop 348 MATERIALS: 4×6 fence posts (can use 6×6 also). 4 inch x 4 inch galvanized steel “hogwire” (comes in 4 foot x 6 foot sheets from farm equipment stores) Get enough for 2 layers for each section of fence. 1 x 4 facing boards-(1x 6 if you use 6×6 posts). 2 boards for each post long enough to cover the above ground portion of each post. large nail-pound staples to attach hogwire. nails to attach the facing boards. crushed rocks to anchor the posts. If posts are treated, get end sealer to treat cut surfaces. DIRECTIONS Cut posts to desired lengths. Taper top ends by cutting approximately 30 degrees off the 4 inch sides (which face front and back.) The 6-inch sides are the thickness of the fence where the compost will go. Treat cut surfaces if desired. Dig holes and anchor posts into the ground with the 4 inch sides facing forward. Cut hogwire to the exact width between the centers of the posts for each section. Height should be 2-3 inches below the cut surface of the post. Cut two sheets for each section. Attach hogwire to posts with large staples. (One sheet on the front and one sheet on the back). Cut faceboards to approximately one inch below the cut surface of the post. Taper the top edge of the faceboard. Treat faceboards if desired. Attach faceboards to cover seams in the hogwire. Fill inside of fence with compost as desired.”

via my cottage yard farm.