Chest Freezers 10 Times More Efficient

A chest freezer is 10 TIMES more energy efficient than a standing one.  In a nutshell, if you need 1 solar panel to power a chest freezer you would need 10 panels to power a standing one!  I’ve been hesitant to get a chest freezer because it doesn’t seem as easily organized but I’m willing to do a little extra organizing in order to benefit from the savings of a chest version. Read more about it here at Off-Grid.

“The theory is that a chest freezer will use less power because the horizontal lid doesn’t let cold air fall out when it’s opened, and it has very thick insulation compared to a fridge.”

via Yes, its true what they say about Chest Freezers | Living Off the Grid: Free Yourself.

5 thoughts on “Chest Freezers 10 Times More Efficient”

  1. I wish someone would make a chest refrigerator. There are kits to turn a chest freezer into a fridge, but why aren’t there any already made on the market? All I have found are small drink coolers for restaurants/bars.

  2. We have just bought our first ‘no mains services’ home in Spain; Solar Panels (no electricity from grid at all), Spring and Well, Soak-away waste system and Recycling Grey water. What I would like to know is would a small under-counter fridge use a lot of the power generated by the Solar Panels (the current owners have a propane gas one, which is very small inside)? We know our chest freezer will not sap all the power. Cooking and water is all by propane gas and heating is log burners (wood from local orange and olive growers who replant trees!), so really only lights, tv, radio being Solar powered.

  3. Hi Melanie,

    I’m sorry I don’t have a concrete answer for you. I would assume it depends upon the size of you solar panels & the requirements of your fridge. Congratulations on your new place! It sounds beautiful!

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