Eglu Cube: A Coop for Mod Chickens

I’m not really into plastic anything but these modern coops look really modern and what I like about them is they are portable and easy to keep clean. ┬áCheck out Omlet for more information.

“A Revolutionary Chicken House

Give your chickens the best! The Eglu Cube is designed around you and your chickens. With its many innovative new features, the Eglu Cube that leaves you with much more time to enjoy your hens.

The Eglu Cube makes light work of the weekly clean. Inside chickens have a large roosting area fitted with a slatted floor. All the droppings fall through the slats onto the slide out dropping trays, which can then be simply emptied onto the compost heap.”

via Eglu Cube | The Eglu Cube | Products and Services | Omlet UK.


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