Healing with Herbal Liniments

Have you ever heard of herbal liniments?  Herbal liniments are topical remedies that can help with things like arthritis pain, sprains, and cuts to name a few things on a very long list.  They are probably well known by just a few generations back but with our increasing dependence upon pharmaceuticals it has become somewhat of a forgotten skill to make them in the home.  Fortunately the trend to find ways to take better care of ourselves and be less dependent has opened the door for learning once more how to treat ourselves.  The one place I’ve found online that I find myself going to over and over again is Mountain Rose.  They have a wealth of information about how to make herbal liniments, sources for buying the herbs and explanations for their different uses.  I just love the idea of being able to treat family and myself with natural remedies.  Check them out and tell me what you think.

“Simple to make, herbal liniments are a great element for any home medicine cabinet!  They offer instant relief for pain, inflamed muscles, bruises, and sprains.”

via Herbal Liniments « The Mountain Rose Blog.

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