Miah Maull Lighthouse For Sale

Now this would be an interesting place to turn into a home. ¬†Assuming there weren’t any tsunamis coming your way. For additional interior photos go to Historic Properties.

“Built in 1913, this light station named for an eighteenth century Delaware mariner, marks one of a series of shoals along the eastern side of the shipping channel between Cross Ledge and Brandywine Shoal Lights. Lighthouse keepers occupied the quarters until 1975. The property is listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NR# 90002188). The former Coast Guard light station will remain an active aid to navigation for the shipping channel with its light and fog signal horn. The light is constructed of cast iron and lined with brick. It is approximately 18.5 miles northwest of Cape May and offshore of Downe Township in New Jersey.”


via Historic Properties and Old Houses For Sale.

Photo credit: Dave Sleeper

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