Redneck Kelly Kettle

and now for the redneck version of a Kelly Kettle.

“…volcano kettle is complete. It weighs 42g or 1 1/2oz and the stove weighs 31g or just over an ounce.

I just finished and tested my first customer’s kettle and it boiled 2 cups (16oz 474g) of 17C tap water in 3 mins 30 seconds using 13 grams of alcohol fuel.

I think that’s as fast as the quickest gas and canister stoves using a conventional pan set up isn’t it?

It has a thermal efficiency of 60% and has met all my targets for weight, speed, economy, and ergonomics.

I can also make these using heineken keg cans with a slightly smaller capacity if they use the fast 1oz stove or a full 2 cups using my 4g lip balm pot stove. Boil time with the small stove is around 9 mins.”

via Make Your Own Gear ยป 2 cup Volcano kettle boils in 3 1/2 mins with 13g alcohol ! — Forums.

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