The “Dome Lady” Tile House

Take one very creative and patient lady and millions of little pieces of tile and look what happens.  When my husband was in his 20’s he had the opportunity to help her with a few projects.  I especially love the planter women she made.  Someday I envision an outdoor bread oven shaped like one of these lovely ladies.

“This Dome Lady stands 26 feet tall, about 19 feet wide. She overlooks Beverley’s prior residence in Apache Creek, New Mexico. The skirt is made of a concrete foundation, rebar reinforced concrete walls, with mosaic tile on the exterior, and stucco finish on the interior. The torso is constructed of metal lathe with a bondo finish, then painted. The entrance through a door in the skirt leads you to an adorable guest house, equiped with a kitchen with mosaic countertops, dining table, and sleeping quarters. All incompassed under a circular petticoat, with brick floors and a mosaic rug.”

via Tile House.

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