Ultimate Campground Cruiser

How fun would this be to cruise around in?

The Ultimate Campground Cruiser – An all wood “Electric Horseless Carriage”. It’s a hand crafted work of art that actually carries two people. This amazing vehicle attracts attention. People honk and wave everywhere you go. You will know everyone in the campground within a day or two. 

It can be carried in a RV or with a motorcycle lift eliminating the need to tow a car. It is legal for Seniors to use on roads as a Quadracycle – Ca. Veh. Code Sec. 407. Go anywhere you can walk or ride a bike. It has a thirty mile plus range for short trips and can be recharged from your RV. The perfect way to explore your favorite destination communities, parks, and events.I have one available and it will be 3 months before there is another. The price is $10,000 and I expect the value will increase as I build more. This is a lifetime vehicle – built like fine furniture. The Maintenance is furniture polish, battery water and simple adjustments. Remember taking “Sunday Drives” as a family activity? Well, you can do it again and enjoy it even more with the “SunshineCar”.A few more pictures at: www.SunshineCar.net

Call Steve at 530 888 1419 

A Horseless Carriage, A Wooden Car, A Quadracycle, An Electric Car, A Solar Car? It’s all of those and more. “

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