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  1. oh my! i just found you on facebook,somehow!! looking at your photos has sent me deep into that lovely place i like to go into my imagination,that place of happy childhood feelings !! my secret little world i love to visit. haven’t gone there in a long time. thank you ,for helping me get back to that place. <3. and it all started with looking at that kitchen envy photo. i want that sink! where can i get a sink like that? do you know? and who are you and where are you? you are wonderful! thank you!

  2. To the editors at Homestead Style

    My name is Francois from Bio-Ways. We have recently developed a household system for homesteaders, off grid homes and people who generally prefer a more sustainable way of life, that produces renewable energy from your kitchen and garden waste as well as human and animal waste. We were wondering whether this might be something that your readers would be interested in knowing more about. I am including our link here for you to have a look. Wishing you a great day and we look forward to your reply. http://bit.ly/Bio-Resy

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