Comfort For A Cold

photo-2It’s that time of year where dreaded cold germs start invading our homes.  One of the things we find comforting during this time is using Tea Tree Oil to open up our sinuses.  A few of the ways we like to use it is by putting several drops of it into the shower before getting in and by adding a few drops to a sink full of hot water then covering our heads with a towel over the sink and breathing in the steam.

Lastly instead of buying already scented tissues how about make your own?  All you need is essential oil and a tissue box.  I just reach in and move the tissues to the side and put about five drops of oil on each side of the box.  It doesn’t take long for the entire box of tissues to be scented. You can control the strength of the scent by adding more or less oil too.   If tea tree oil isn’t your thing you can basically use any essential oil or combination of oils you like.  I’ve used rose oil before and it was lovely.  Here’s to a healthy winter for all!

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