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Neem tree
Image source: Real Farmacy

I have you ever heard of Neem Oil before?  It’s an natural organic product that can act as a pesticide without harming beneficial insects, pets or people.  I found this great American based business called, Neem Tree Farms in Florida that sells all kinds of  Neem products to use in your organic gardening as well as health supplements and even the trees themselves.

Neem is used throughout India and the rest of Asia as a remedy for a multitude of ailments.  It’s used for everything ranging from digestive issues to anti viral.  I wonder if this is a tree worth planting in the garden?   They are evergreen trees that can grow quite large so they may not be for every yard.  But if you have the space it’s definitely a consideration. Check out Neem Tree Farms for an American based business that sells Neem plants, and products.  They also have a lot of great information about the benefits of Neem

Having said all that, I wanted to share the article that first got me interested in learning more about Neem.  It was this great article on Real Farmacy.  Check it out for even more information on the benefits of gardening with Neem.  It’s a very informative site.

“How does it kill pest insects and not beneficial insects? Neem oil must be ingested for it to work, so only critters eating plants that have been sprayed will be affected. It’s not an instant “knock-down” effect like synthetic broad-spectrum pesticides, but it only takes a few hours and is just as effective if not more at preventing harmful pest infestations. When a pest larva ingests neem oil with the plant material, a compound called “azadirachtin” starts to act on the larva’s hormonal system and prevents it from molting to the next stage, resulting in death.”

via Neem Oil: The Wonder Spray of Organic Gardening | | Healthy News and Information.

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