Neem Oil

I have you ever heard of Neem Oil before?  It’s an natural organic product that can act as a pesticide without harming beneficial insects, pets or people.  I found this great American based business called, Neem Tree Farms in Florida that sells all kinds of  Neem products to use in your organic gardening as well as health …

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A Dream Bath!

If this isn’t the most incredible bath ever I don’t know what is.  Who couldn’t be totally rejuvenated in something like this!  Check out more photos at High Camp Home Interior Design – High Camp Home.

A Working Kitchen

When did we go from functional and useful kitchens to kitchens that look more like art galleries? Perhaps when we started eating out more frequently?  I’m inspired by Julia Child’s working kitchen.  I wonder if there will be a turn back to making our meals more beautiful than our kitchens?  I hope so.