2014 Sky Scarf

Sky Scarf Gift Kit

Sky Scarf Gift Kit

One of our Christmas gifts to our older daughter this year was a Sky Scarf Kit.  Have you ever seen a sky scarf?  They are just beautiful when finished.  For every day of the year you knit a row or two of the color(s) of the sky for that day.  One could also crochet it but our seven year old knows how to knit so we are making the knitted version.  Tomorrow we will start our beautiful little project and by the end of the year we’ll have a finished project to show you.  Happy New Year.  Are you planning any knew projects for 2014?

Great idea!

Laundry room sinkI adore this sink!  I wish I could give credit for the owner of it and the photo but I found it on Pinterest and there wasn’t a link back to the source.  If anybody finds who created this fantastic sink and the image please let me know so I can give them credit!  Until then…  Isn’t this the coolest idea for a laundry room sink ever?  It would make bathing fido a little easier on the back too!

Salley Mavor’s Birds of Beebe Woods Wren

Sally Mavor’s Birds of Beebe Woods

I’ve been a fan of Sally Mavor for many years now.  She is an incredible artist who brings everything she makes into a whimsical world that both children and adults dream of diving into and becoming a part of the story.  To learn more about Sally and to see her work you can visit her blog We Folk Studio.

“I wanted to show birds of varying sizes, and the wren was one on the small side. They have such a characteristic stance, with their tail pointing upwards at a sharp right angle. I printed out tons of photos and illustrations of wrens and tried to copy their markings and feather patterns correctly.”

via Birds of Beebe Woods: wren « Salley Mavor.

Fall Hanging Gourds Table Cloth

Pretty idea for a fall outdoor or even indoor table.

“Small gourds and a no-sew cloth equal a festive table for fall activities. Measure your table; add enough yardage for a 6-inch drop and 1-inch hem all around. Notch a 5-inch square from each corner. Use fusible tape and an iron to hem at every edge. Add grommets and loop around mini pumpkins, using them as weights and seasonal accents.”

via Colorful & Simple Fall Projects from Better Homes and Gardens.

Velvet Plush Pumpkins

Pretty plush pumpkins with a natural stem.  Check them out on the Love Feast Shop.

“3” Velvet Plush Pumpkins and put them in a set of 6. These would look gorgeous at each place setting at your holiday feast. The pumpkins included in this set are 3″ Apricot, Carrot, Curry, Sage, Chocolate and Saffron. Each pumpkin is finished with a natural, organic stem.”

via LoveFeast Shop — Velvet Plush Pumpkin Hostess Set.

Handthrown Beauty

I just love handmade things.  Especially handmade things that are so incredibly unique and beautiful.  This porcelain pitcher was made by potter Jeff Campana.  After throwing the pot he somehow carves it apart giving it those beautiful sections and then reassembles it.  You can check out Jeff on his blog Jeff Campana or find him on Etsy.