JarBox Canning Jar Storage Sale!

I’ve been looking for a deal on Jarbox storage system forever and found this GREAT one at My Patriot Supply!  Today only they are $17.95 and if you order over $49 Shipping is FREE!  They also are committed to providing non-gmo heirloom seeds and a variety of other products.  Visit www.mypatriotsupply.com to get the price I got today and to check out their other great products.

The Stanford Inn by the Sea~ A dream vacation spot!

Most people go on vacation, gorge themselves on junk they don’t allow themselves to eat normally, and come home feeling full of regret and wearing clothes that are feeling a little tight.  Ok, well maybe most people don’t do this on vacation, but I do!  Anyway, I did until I found The Stanford Inn by the Sea.  Staying there and eating their food you are filled with  peace and nourished by healthy vegetarian or vegan food.  My favorite dish is the Citrus Polenta with Cashew Sauce topped with their homegrown garden greens.  It’s divine!  So if you’re looking for a place that fills you with beautiful surroundings and wonderful food then The Stanford Inn by the Sea is the place to stay.  It’s locate in Mendocino, CA just a couple of hours north of San Francisco.

“Nestled on a Mendocino Coast hillside, Stanford Inn, a Mendocino Resort, sits atop a meadowoverlooking Mendocino Bay. Embodying the best of the rugged Mendocino Coast, this Mendocino Resort is a haven … an exquisite opportunity to reconnect with nature.

The rambling lobby, guest rooms and suites of this boutique hotel in Mendocino are paneled in pine and redwood. Every detail is attended to, from wood-burning fireplaces set and ready to light to the sumptuous chef-prepared organic breakfasts.

Inspired by the Stanford’s Certified Organic gardens, The Ravens’ Restaurant, featured in Oprah Magazine, is outstanding and nationally acclaimed for vegan cuisine. Guests at Stanford Inn, as well as local Mendocino residents, consider Ravens’ Restaurant to be an essential dining experience on the Mendocino Coast.

The Inn’s Massage in the Forest and The Mendocino Center for Well Being provide a variety of life-enhancing experiences. Located on Big River and part of Stanford Inn, Catch a Canoe & Bicycles, Too! offers a wide selection of kayaks, canoes, outriggers, and bicycles for exploring beautiful Big River and beyond.”

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Your Spring Vegetable Garden: When to Plant What

Reader, Derae Jarvis suggested some southern hemisphere subscribers might appreciate some spring gardening suggestions.  Here’s a great resource that describes what and when you can plant things.  Thanks for the suggestion Derae.

“You don’t have to wait until the last average frost date in your area to start a vegetable garden outdoors. As soon as the ground can be worked, onions, peas and spinach can be added to your garden. If you are going to grow your own onion seedlings, start them indoors approximately eight weeks before transplanting time. Onions sets, which are small onion bulbs, can also be purchased for planting. Peas should be directly seeded in your garden and do best with support from a trellis or other structure.

Early Spring Gardening

In early spring, approximately two weeks prior to the last average frost date in your area, it’s safe to plant lettuce, beets, carrots, radishes, dill, cilantro, cabbage, broccoli, celery, kale and potatoes outdoors. Both lettuce and celery seeds need light to germinate. Be careful to only cover these varieties of seeds lightly with soil during the planting process. Directly sow carrot, radish, dill and cilantro seeds. Transplanting is not recommended for these types of vegetables and herbs.”

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A Simple Solar Oven Makes Salt Water Drinkable

Wow very innovative! Take a look at Fast Co Design for more information.

“It functions by filling the black boiler with salty sea water in the morning, then tightening the cap. As the temperature and pressure grows, steam is forced downwards through a connection pipe and collects in the lid, which acts as a condenser, turning the steam into fresh water. Once Diamanti established the fundamentals were sound, he experimented with a series of concepts for the aesthetic of the object. “My goal was to design something friendly and recognizable for the users,” he explains. “The process developed quite naturally to determine the current shape; every detail is there for a reason, so the form, as well as production techniques, represent a compromise between technical and traditional.” Primary field studies in sub-Saharan Africa revealed the habit of carrying goods on the head–also a common practice in other areas around the world–and this was integrated into Eliodomestico’s plan. And while solar stills aren’t a totally new concept, Diamanti says it’s rare to find them in a domestic context rather than in missions or hospitals, or as large plants overseen by qualified personnel that serve entire communities. “I tried to make something for a real household that could be operated directly by the families,” he says.”

via 1 | A Simple Solar Oven Makes Salt Water Drinkable | Co.Design: business + innovation + design.