Gerties Canning Hutch: Reclaimed Old Pine Wood

Gershwin & Gertie Hutch

I am LOVING this canning hutch from Gershwin & Gertie!  They’ve got some really cute things in their shop.  I’d probably need five of these shelves to handle all of my canned food but they are simply beautiful!

Gerties Canning Hutch: Reclaimed Old Pine Wood.

Sweet Touches

photo credit: Adriana Lennon Photography

photo credit: Adriana Lennon Photography

I adore special little touches like these custom made labels.  They are made in the USA by a sweet military wife.  Go check her out on her Facebook page Stay above the Frey.  Just one more way to show our support to our country and to the families that sacrifice so much for us.

JarBox Canning Jar Storage Sale!

I’ve been looking for a deal on Jarbox storage system forever and found this GREAT one at My Patriot Supply!  Today only they are $17.95 and if you order over $49 Shipping is FREE!  They also are committed to providing non-gmo heirloom seeds and a variety of other products.  Visit to get the price I got today and to check out their other great products.

Beautiful Beekeeping with a Beepod Beehive

Ever thought of keeping bees?  Here’s a beautiful beehive that’s small enough to fit the tiniest of yards.

“Be the first one on your block to have a NEW BeePod in your backyard! The newest revision of our Top Bar Hive is now sized to fit 19” Langstroth length frame bars (with slight alterations) The new Beepod uses 3/4in hole entrances rather than the big sliding door entry that the bees glued tight with propolis. We’ve added new “pop” fittings to the shutters, lid and access doors. Also new Stainless and Zinc hardware giving it longer life, greater durability and a better fit.”

via Beepod Top Bar Hive |

Grain Mill Family

Daydreaming about this beautiful grain mill.  Check it out on The Puppenstube. 

“Beautiful European wooden manual and electric stone flour mills and grain flakers.

Mill output on fine: 170g/min.

Funnel capacity: 1.5 kg

360W motor, 35cm tall

Grinds all grains, beans, and more

Stone pine housing& naxos-basalt millstone

Made in Austria

Price: $875.00”

photo credit: The Puppenstube

via Grain Mill Family | The Puppenstube.

Beauty Carves Out Function

I just love utilitarian but beautiful things.  These knives from New West Knifeworks accomplish both with style. Check out out the New West Knifeworks website for additional styles and prices.

“Highly skilled hands and modern precision tools work in concert to create a new standard in quality and workmanship. The finest materials are sculpted, assembled and hand-finished to ensure every piece is a perfect work of art.”

via About Fusionwood Chef Knives : New West KnifeWorks.

Chest Freezers 10 Times More Efficient

A chest freezer is 10 TIMES more energy efficient than a standing one.  In a nutshell, if you need 1 solar panel to power a chest freezer you would need 10 panels to power a standing one!  I’ve been hesitant to get a chest freezer because it doesn’t seem as easily organized but I’m willing to do a little extra organizing in order to benefit from the savings of a chest version. Read more about it here at Off-Grid.

“The theory is that a chest freezer will use less power because the horizontal lid doesn’t let cold air fall out when it’s opened, and it has very thick insulation compared to a fridge.”

via Yes, its true what they say about Chest Freezers | Living Off the Grid: Free Yourself.